Life Coach, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor

Are you struggling with thoughts and feelings that sabotage your happiness and limit your sense of fulfillment and purpose?

Do you feel like you’ll never be able to feel peace and happiness—that there’s no one who will understand what you’re going through?

Is your life crumbling around you with your relationships predictably falling apart?

Life coach, Sunyata Satchitananda is a psychic-intuitive, Reiki master, Quantum Light & Tantric healer who is dedicated to helping men and women live an exuberant and fulfilling life by transforming challenges into transcendent achievements!

Sunyata facilitates healing and transformation of emotional wounds and limiting thought patterns that cause suffering and lack of fulfillment. Read testimonials of Sunyata’s ability to facilitate relief, healing and wellbeing from debilitating emotional & energy wounds. Contact Sunyata for in-person healing or sessions by Skype.

Heal from emotional wounding, abuse and trauma, overcome life’s challenges and have the relationship you desire!

I can help you understand yourself and your challenges better and be successful in transcending your limitations. You can heal from emotional wounding, abuse and trauma. I can assist you in clearing the emotional and energetic blocks to feeling personal “wholeness,” autonomy, empowerment and relationship harmony.

My approach is from the perspective that at our core essence, humans are spiritual in nature. Challenges to an individual’s emotional (and relationship) health and wellbeing present opportunities for development—to learn from lessons and to emotionally mature and achieve healthy individuation while evolving spiritually. I can help you discover, accept, and understand the perfection and gift in whatever is challenging you and help you to transcend the limiting beliefs associated with the challenge.

Restoration of wellbeing includes working with Spirit (the divine, higher power—whatever your belief system) subtle energies and the esoteric sciences, spiritual –energy- healing, insight and guidance from spirit helpers (e.g. angels, ascended masters, archangels), and through intention, prayer, mantra, and spiritual practice.

Through a combination of coaching, education, and energy healing, I provide practical steps and guidance that enables you to gain mastery over your emotions and to integrate the lessons/gifts that life’s challenges bring to you. You can transcend your limitations and experience the empowered life you desire!

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Successful, Emotional Prosperity and Competence through a Unique Method

I use a unique integrative method of healing and counseling that I developed, called Pranasomatic™ coaching (Prana: spirit, breath, life-force energy; Somatic: body and emotion). It builds upon the work of Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Alexander Lowen, and Jack Lee Rosenberg, Ph.D. by adding expanded awareness of the nexus point where emotional energy meets, and embeds in the physical body—with physical ~ energetic knots (or “triggers”) suppress feeling and life force energy.

Pranasomatic™ counseling is a whole system approach to health and wellbeing that includes expanding personal energy awareness, developing emotional competency, deepening self-understanding and awareness, and maintaining healthy body-mind integration.

Pranasomatic™ counseling is process oriented and includes: personal inquiry and introspection, visualization, guided meditation, somatic activation and movement, and Reiki energy healing. Symptoms are whole system responses to stress, imbalances, blockages or contractions, and/or lower life force energy.  Restoring health and wellbeing is accomplished by a restoring, balancing, harmonizing, normalizing, or promoting the free flow of energy by removing/releasing the emotional-physical blocks that contract life force energy.

“I had the great privilege of receiving a Tantric Healing session from Sunyata a few months ago, and I found the experience to be incredibly empowering. Every aspect of the session, from his uplifting and nurturing manner to the powerful healing work he did on me, fit together to form a cohesive wholeness, and I left the session that day feeling deeply in touch with parts of myself I hadn’t known before. He gave me information and techniques to practice at home, to further my healing process and provide a structure for me to continue my growth. I cannot recommend Sunyata and his services highly enough. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had the opportunity to work with this gifted healer.” —Erica M

*No statements, recommendations, or suggestions made are intended as treatment or prescription for any disease, or as a substitute for regular medical care.

Not in Northern California?

skype-logoWherever you are in the world you can get help with understanding, clearing, and integrating emotional wounding issues. Using Skype internet video conferencing you can have an intuitive counseling and healing session with me -no matter how far from northern California you might be!

In the privacy and comfort of your home, Skype sessions greatly assist your process of healing and returning to wholeness. In addition, if you are “local,” Skype sessions are a nice way to introduce ourselves and begin the process of healing before seeing me in-person. Couples who have a busy schedule also find it convenient to have Skype sessions.
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“We had a great relationship counseling Skype session with Sunyata Satchitananda yesterday. I highly recommend this wise and experienced guide.” —John

For many people, relationships are very challenging; and experiencing and expressing intimacy sexually can have emotional and energetic knots preventing fulfillment. Many may suffer from: shame, guilt, confusion, dis-empowering beliefs, lack of understanding/experience, or have an inability to deeply feel or sustain meaningful relationships due to past abuse, sexual trauma and emotional wounding.

In addition, many people who are struggling with these areas of life can also experience symptoms of energetic contraction including: disconnection, lack of sensation, dullness, pain, numbness, discomfort, nausea, “shutting down,” coldness, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, bad memories or nightmarish images, and/or recoiling from touch.

Safe & Sacred Guidance

  • Are you ready to heal and let go of what blocks your full experience of life force energy and emotional clarity?
  • Do you want to transform and transcend specific life challenges or emotional wounds regarding intimacy, sexuality, or a healthy and supportive relationship?
  • Would you like to learn how to consciously live your life instead of unconsciously reacting to it?
  • Are you seeking deep transformation, healing, and spiritual growth?

If so, then contact me to begin your journey of discovery and return to wholeness!

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