Your Journey from Fear to Freedom

As a survivor your determination to keep going no matter what you have gone through has made you stronger—with an inner “core of steel.”

You might not have been raped or beaten—but many have been. You might not have been molested by your mother, father, brother, uncle, or aunt—but many have been. You might have had to succumb to the advances of a date, spouse, employer, professor, or police officer to avoid greater injury or worse consequences. Bottom line, you’ve had your heart ripped apart by someone you trusted when they didn’t stop and didn’t listen to your pleas to leave you alone.

survivor overwhelmOne of your fears is that the monster come back will wreak havoc on your life. The monster you’re afraid of isn’t the perpetrator—you’ve seen to it that he (or she) can’t hurt you anymore. No, the monster is the force that shows up and sabotages your marriage, relationship, friendship, or job. This monster shuts you down, makes you lash out, and filters your perception so that everything falls apart and you feel helpless and alone.

You’ve also learned to be wary of getting too intimate, too deep where your emotional landmines get triggered and send you spiraling down a black whole of despair or acting out your rage, anger, and pain.

Everything suffers. Your relationships aren’t as connected and intimate or fulfilling, your spouse or friends complain that you’re “distant” —or they don’t complain and just accept you at arm’s length because they don’t trust you can be a close friend.

Maybe you’ve become everyone’s emotional dumping ground and people take advantage of you because you can’t say “no” and you fill up with all of their problems to the point of being overwhelmed and fragmented. Your life is like a soaked sponge that is always emotionally messy and leaking everywhere.

So you compensate by living a life of half-measure where you’re not completely there—you’ve always got a wall up that keeps you safe.

There is Hope and a Solution

I’ve been there myself. I was abused by my father, and my mother—in different ways—but with the results mentioned above. Also, I’ve suffered through a bad marriage where I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused.

After many agonizing years I got help through counseling therapy which was only partially effective. It wasn’t until I had sessions with a sexual healer that I was able to understand myself deeply enough to release the emotions and patterns of belief that sabotaged my life.

Sexual healing does what no other healing modality can, or will do. It meets your issues where they are located—embedded in your physical body while “referring” to memories, emotions, and patterns of belief. It wasn’t until I was able to unwind the knots of emotional wounding present in my body and consciousness that I felt relief and a return to wholeness.

From Fear to Freedom

My experience with sexual healing has become my purpose in life and my passion to serve others on their journey of finding freedom from their fears and returning to empowerment and wholeness again.

I studied the esoteric science of Tantra and became certified as a Tantric Healer and Reiki Master so I could provide a sacred service to those in need of a trusted guide on their journey of healing.

I provide sexual healing counseling and hands-on healing sessions for those who are ready to heal and become whole again and release their fears of the monster that sabotages their life.

Living a Fulfilling Life

Healing from sexual abuse doesn’t mean you forget what happened—it means what happened doesn’t rule you and sabotage your life.

It is possible to live a happy and fulfilling life with deeply satisfying and intimate relationships without fearing they will “blow up” due to the monster getting loose and ruining everything. You can unwind the knots that block your creative and sexual energy. You can let your heart open and be vulnerable again. You can “show up” completely in your relationships and not fear losing them.

There is hope. There’s a lot you can do to make progress with your healing no matter where you are located or if you don’t have the support of others. I can give you support and guidance that will greatly aid you in your healing journey—and if you can come in for hands-on sessions even more can be accomplished.

If you’re ready to be free of the fear of the monster and its devastation—and find yourself, empowered and whole again—contact me and let’s get started.

To begin, visit my contact page.

I’m here to help.

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