Safe Sexual Healing

new_banner1600x600The wounds of sexual assault, molestation, and rape are like ghosts haunting a woman’s life. The pain and trauma are too much to think about—and then there’s the fear. She’s afraid her partner will find out and/or think less of her—or worse—leave her because of it.

The haunting ghosts of sexual wounding sneak into your consciousness and create emotional and energetic blocks that stop you from giving all of who you are to your beloved. They show up as disturbing thoughts, memories, and images that cause you to recoil from your beloved’s touch—or if you allow him to touch you, you check-out or go numb. These same blocks create a fog of perception that prevents you from seeing your beloved for who he really is. Instead, the ghosts of your past color your perception and taint the image you hold of him so that he can never really satisfy the emotional vacancy you feel inside.

Women who’ve been assaulted, molested, or raped often feel ashamed because they are emotionally and sexually contracted and don’t know what to do about it—or even what’s wrong. You don’t want to think about being a failure in your love life, or that your situation is hopeless. You want to feel safe and whole again.

Women suffering from sexual wounding often hear from the man in their life: “I don’t know what’s wrong with you.” They live with confusion and frustration, suppressing their fear and settling for a less than completely happy life. Secretly you know that fully enjoying life and being with your beloved requires that you deal with this trauma—but it scares the hell out of you!

Sexual wounding is not a subject that can be easily talked about with friends, parents, or husbands/boyfriends and so it tends to go un-dealt with, which only makes it fester in the background until it creates problems in your love life and in your relationship with your partner.

Experience Safe Sexual Healing

safe sexual healing with SunyataGreetings, dear one!

You are likely here because you are one of these women who have been sexually abused or molested and you are anxious to feel whole again. You’ve probably been living with the pain and frustration of sexual wounding for years. Maybe you’ve raised a family who are now grown up and out on their own and you’re ready to rid yourself of the ghosts of sexual trauma and become whole again. You’re eager to resolve this issue so you can show up fully and experience your love life without contraction or limitation.

I know what it’s like to be the clueless man in relationship with a woman who has experienced sexual wounding—longing to feel her love more completely and not knowing why I can’t or what to do to help her. The distance between us could not be bridged by any amount of loving, or patient acceptance, it just wasn’t enough. The ghosts of her molestation experience were like a wall keeping her from fully expressing and feeling her love regardless of how much I loved her or wanted to help her.

It wasn’t until years after our divorce that I began to understand. Through my own process of healing and receiving counseling I realized what was the secret cause that was sabotaging my relationships—sexual wounding. It was too late for my marriage, but I could be a positive resource for other people suffering from this insidious influence.

At long last there was something I could do to help. I learned how to be a healing influence and facilitate a process of reclaiming wholeness by getting trained and certified as a sexual healer. I discovered that it is my calling and life purpose to help others in their process of reclaiming wholeness and that I am gifted with deep empathy and soul-to-soul listening.

It is possible to reconnect with the parts of you that have been impacted and suppressed by sexual assault and abuse. I can provide you with a safe environment to heal from past trauma and wounding—returning you to wholeness and feeling fully alive again.

If you’re ready to begin the journey of reclaiming the parts of you that are blocking your happiness and fulfillment and fully show up in your relationship—I can help you do that.

When you’re ready to begin, let’s talk. Fill in the contact form below and we’ll set up a free ‘insight’ session by phone or Skype. If that goes well for you, we can set up a program of in-person sessions with me here in the San Francisco Bay area (or if you’re not local, by phone or Skype). I’ll answer all your questions and give you an idea of how your sessions will go. Read more about sexual healing >>

May you be blessed and feel all of the love, eros, and aliveness that lives within you!



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