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On this website you’ll find information about my coaching and healing services. It is my life purpose to help women and men to heal from emotional and sexual abuse by giving them the tools they need to heal, grow and achieve their goals in life.

Ordained Minister (1980); Universal Life Church Minister (2007); Tantric Adept since 2001; Certified Tantric Healer (2007); Reiki Master & Quantum Light Healer (2009)

I became a minister at 21 years old and have spent the next 30+ years helping people understand intimate relationships, sexual energy and spirituality and how these can be integrated into normal life—especially in overcoming life’s challenges and improving personal relationships.

The majority of my life has been on a path that explores the shadow areas of one’s inner-reality and bringing these into the light of consciousness for acceptance, healing and integration.

Sessions with me provide a holistic understanding of the issues, challenges, or problems at hand and where these originate from; along with solutions that address the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of oneself. I provide a safe and sacred container within which to heal, explore, grow, and expand in awareness and regain wholeness.

My fervent prayer is for every man and woman to experience  spiritual-sexual-emotional integration, wellbeing and the wholeness they desire—including freeness of sexual expression, experience, and empowerment.

Q. “What does your name mean?” —Answer


In 2001 my journey of awakening and discovery catapulted me into a greater awareness of myself and my interactions with others—primarily within the realms of intimacy, relationship, and sexuality. My path has brought me to profound insights and uncovered unique gifts that I now use to aid others to also gain a higher perspective of life, heal from sexual wounding, and reclaim wholeness and fulfillment in life.

I began my path of sacred service in 1980 when I was ordained a minister of a conservative Christian organization. After several years of training I began to serve as a spiritual counselor helping people experience a greater connection with the divine.

As I grew in understanding and experience I was appointed to teach other spiritual counselors and ministers how to be more effective in reaching the hearts of those they served. But something was missing—which only became painfully obvious when my personal circumstances went through a great upheaval.

With the end of my 20 year marriage I experienced a great shift and expansion of my awareness and spiritual understanding that led to leaving the religious organization I had been associated with in order to serve humanity with a mission that I could never have dreamed of—helping people to understand and overcome challenges and issues in the most intimate and vulnerable areas of living and relating.

Subsequently, I was ordained a minister through the Universal Life Church which reflects a much more open and inclusive theosophy appropriate for my expanded spiritual awareness and intention of service.

My journey of awakening began with an introduction to western styled “Tantra,” or Sacred Sexuality which revealed to me a “language” and lexicon for the most potent and dynamic aspect of what motivates and inspires us: erotic —sexual— energy. In addition to this I started studying yoga and chi kung energy practices and became familiar with Taoist and Yogic systems of subtle energy as it pertains to physical, emotional and mental health. From this knowledge several missing pieces of understanding fell in place for me and I made great steps forward in being able to help others understand their challenges better also.

Sunyata Reiki HealingAfter several years of study and practice I began to incorporate my awareness of erotic energy into my counseling practice and offered myself as a sexual healer first with my intimate partner and then to those in my community who trusted me and were willing to open to deep healing and transformation.

I went through an intense process of self examination and introspection to get clear about my motivations and desires regarding counseling clients about the intimate and vulnerable realms of sexuality, relationship, and intimacy. When I felt clear and grounded with my self-understanding regarding this service and felt I could hold a container of sacredness with my client’s best interest and highest good as my preeminent concern—I took the necessary steps to become certified in sexual healing and started offering myself to the public as a sexual healer and counselor.

My certification process as a Tantric Healer came by a series of sessions with an acknowledged expert and teacher in the field of Tantra —sacred sexuality and sexual healing: Cara Tara (www.1tantra.com). In the years since, I have continued to build on my certification with my own research, Tantric practice and experience, finding harmonizing and synchronous principles, exercises and practices from a broad range of sources that contribute to personal spiritual growth, emotional healing, and spiritual-sexual integration. In 2009 I added to my education and ability to work with spiritual healing energy by receiving Reiki level III attunement —Reiki Master (Shinpiden), Usui lineage—as well as Quantum Light attunement.

Utilizing my gift for synthesis and integration I have composed my particular style and methodology of therapeutically addressing the sensitive and compelling realm of sexual healing, spiritual-sexual integration, relationship harmony, and expanding intimacy capacity and sensitivity that I call Pranasomatic™ counseling. (Prana: spirit, breath, life-force energy; Somatic: body and emotion).

This method is based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Alexander Lowen, and Jack Lee Rosenberg, Ph.D. by adding expanded awareness of the nexus point where emotional energy meets and embeds in the physical body with “psychoid,” physical and energetic, knots (or “triggers”) that suppress feeling and life force energy.

Pranasomatic™ counseling and energy healing is a whole systems approach to health and wellbeing that includes working with sensual energy, developing emotional competency and fluency, a deepening of self-understanding and awareness, and maintaining a healthy body-mind-heart integration.

I believe every one of us has the ability and capacity to feel a sense of integral wholeness regarding our expression and experience of sexuality, intimacy and harmony in committed relationship. When we are faced with challenges to this sense of congruity and the dynamic “aliveness” that it creates, it is often very difficult to understand what to do to integrate these contracted or wounded aspects on our own—we need help from a safe, reliable and experienced guide. As a mature man who has accomplished much of his personal growth and integration—which continues ongoingly, I offer my guidance in sacred service. Please contact me if I can help you with your process and path of spiritual expansion and growth; emotional, psychological—or sexual healing, integration and well-being.

This excerpt from a book on male and female psychology, best describes my connection to the feminine, spiritual sensitivity, and my relationship to, and understanding of, feminine psychology:

In addition to men with a homoerotic tendency or homosexual nature there are other, heterosexual men who also lie very close to the feminine archetype. These men have succeeded in making a male ego identification, and their sexual feelings and love needs are directed toward women, but it is as though the feminine archetype is unusually numinous to them and looks large in their psychology. They too are often sensitive men with healing gifts or artistic inclinations…[with a] sensitive and differentiated personality. With these men, the Dr. Zhivagos of our society, there seems to be a need to be initiated into the meaning and mystery of the feminine on all of its levels. Such men are called on to understand women, to understand the feminine in themselves, to recognize and give importance to feminine values in life, and to have an immediate and personal experience as it were, of the Great Goddess. Such an initiation into the meaning of the feminine does not feminize these men, for in understanding the feminine they also differentiated the feminine from themselves. Their ego remains masculine, but is transformed by this initiation into a more differentiated state of consciousness. These cases suggest that the psychological influence of the anima is greater in some men than in others. Because of her numinosity, the anima exerts a profound influence on the psychology of certain men, fating them to lead a special kind of life that requires them to acquire unusual self-knowledge.
(pg. 100 “The Invisible Partners” by John A. Sanford)


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