Enter the Caressing

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“When being caressed, sweet Devi, enter the caressing as everlasting life.”

This sutra from the Vijnanabhairava Tantra contains a sacred secret for tantrikas.

Orthodox tantrists like to say that Tantra is not about sex—that it is so much more than sex. They’re right. Sex is merely a vehicle for discovery, revelation and transcendence!

It’s like saying a cross-country road trip is about the car you are driving to get there. Actually, embarking on a road trip is about the journey and the discoveries you make along the way to reach your destination. Having a vehicle that you feel comfortable driving is nice—but its not the primary reason for taking the journey.

Millions of people experience ordinary sex—where the focus is on personal gratification and the chasing of orgasm. Ordinary sex is like driving a nice car fast around the block—its fun for a short while, but you see the same things you’ve seen every time you drive by them.

For people who seek the transcendent states of being that Tantra offers—ordinary sex doesn’t take them where they want to go. It might be fun for a short while, with glimpses of the marvelousness to be had further along the journey, but ultimately for those seeking a transcendental experience it leaves one dissatisfied.

Through tantric techniques and by applying tantric principles a couple can create an experience that takes them out of their ordinary sex and provides a path to numinous experience—which transforms consciousness into extra-ordinary awareness and feeds the soul’s need for spiritual-physical integration. What is at the heart of this tantric practice is developing a perception and experience of oneself as energy.

Enter the Caressing

“Enter the caressing” is a poetic way of reframing awareness from the act of caressing or being caressed—to the sensation, vibration, and energy created by the caressing. It takes the mind out of the “doing” that is happening and opens up perception to the “being” of the experience. Accomplishing this is the first essential step of the journey of Tantra.

If you would like guidance in how to do this (individuals or couples) I have several ways to help you:

  • In-person sessions with me—for individuals or couples.
  • Couple to couple sessions with me and my partner—for couples.
  • Skype sessions worldwide—for individuals or couples.

* There is no sexual activity between me (or me and my partner) and clients.

Sessions can be given with the client(s) fully clothed.

To schedule your appointment to discover yourself as energy and learn Transcendental Tantra™ use the contact form below.

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