Internal Pelvic Release Virtual Workshop


A virtual workshop for couples or trained sexual healers that teaches the IPR procedure —see article on Sexual Healing with Internal Pelvic Release for more information about this procedure.

In this virtual workshop you will learn:

  • IPR procedure and technique
  • Healing sensitivity
  • Therapeutic erotic energy
  • Feel and release strong emotions
  • Clear your energy field

In a private 2+ hour Skype session virtual workshop a couple (or small group) receives guidance and does exercises together prior to going into a guided IPR procedure. This workshop provides complete instructions in how to perform the Internal Pelvic Release procedure.

Already certified sexual healers should take this workshop as continuing education to deepen their understanding and practice of the IPR procedure.

sacred-yoniThis virtual workshop is one session of 2+ hours in length.

We will discuss the IPR procedure and its component aspects:

  • Healing touch
  • Sensing and working with energy
  • Erotic healing energy
  • Emotional processing
  • Energy bath

Women: your comfort and modesty is respected, however intimate touch of your yoni (vagina) by your partner is required during the session. Read more information >>


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