Reiki Healing Session


$35.00 / 30 min.

Private Rohnert Park, California location.

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I schedule energy healing sessions in 1/2 hour increments. If you would like a full hour session, choose “2” in the amount selection above.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is Japanese technique that is used to reduce stress, encourage relaxation and promote healing.

Reiki is a light-touch alternative healing method that works with the client’s energy field to clear it and restore optimum energy flow. It is a holistic treatment that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional levels of a person’s sense of wellbeing.

Everyday life challenges bring stress and tension to the body and nervous system. The body can store stressful emotions (fear, anxiety, grief, anger) which creates tension that contracts, inhibits and limits one’s energy level. Overtime, these can create energy blockages that impact your ability to feel vibrant and fully alive. If not cleared and brought into alignment (proper flow) the impact to your chakras/energy centers can contribute to further physical symptoms or dis-ease.

A Reiki practitioner channels the Reiki healing energy throughout your body to clear and release contracted energy and remove blockages, restore balance and enhance/accelerate the natural flow of energy in the body.

Reiki sessions helps restore feelings of physical and emotional balance and wellbeing and can assist in promoting creativity, relaxation, ease of movement, emotional clarity. Reiki works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic practices and is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment.

What Happens During a Reiki Session?

The client, fully clothed, lies on the treatment table. The practitioner’s hands are placed gently on or slightly above the body in several positions and locations from head to toe. My Reiki sessions also include Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing. Soft music is playing and you are invited to let go of your stress while breathing deeply as I clear your energy and balance your energy field.

Clients report feeling slight warmth and/or tingling sensations throughout the body as blockages are released. They also normally feel deeply relaxed, at peace, and have increased energy, motivation, and wellbeing afterwards.

Quantum Light Healing Included

In addition to Reiki healing, I am also a Quantum Light Healer which compliments Reiki healing energy work marvelously! Quantum Light healing is an additional level of energy work that goes to the very fundamental level of existence—the quantum particles at the foundation of matter. Quantum Light healing simply restores the “instruction set” (like a computer operating system) that informs material reality and keeps things running smoothly. It’s like getting an “upgrade” or updating the software on your computer—with quantum instructions of: health, optimum functioning, and wellbeing transmitted into the area of the body that needs it.

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Reiki Healing Sessions include:

  • Aura and Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Releasing Energy Blocks and Contractions
  • Restore Optimum Energy Flow and Function
  • Release of Stress and Tension


Give yourself the gift of peace and equanimity, release stress and tension, restore vitality and wellbeing!


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