6 wk Tantric Sādhanā for Lovers



A Six Week Tantric Sex Practice for Lovers

For either experienced—or those new to Tantra.

Three Tantric sex rituals for lovers taught over six weeks in two week intervals; given in three 90 minute Skype coaching sessions.

This is a private, home virtual workshop for lovers that brings together spirit and sex—and is an enhancement to anyone’s existing Tantric practice.

Lovers will learn three Tantric sex rituals that include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Body positions and movements
  • Each ritual has an invocation and mantra
  • Diagrams and illustrations
  • A pdf guide describing each ritual is included
  • email support

Skype sessions do not require nudity or sexual intercourse.


Discover, or deepen your Tantric practice:

  • The principles of sexual energy
  • Energy circuits, movement and modulation
  • Experience the “Tantric Rapture”
© Art by Richard Stodart

© Art by Richard Stodart

These Tantric sex rituals will continue to enhance your Tantra practice and serve your relationship with your lover long after the six week program is complete.

* This program can also be given as a virtual workshop for sexual healers to modify and use with their clients.

Make your purchase and be sure to include your contact email and phone number so we can arrange to begin the transmission of Tantric rituals for you and your lover.



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