Tantric Sex, Enter the Caressing

“While being caressed, sweet Devi, enter the caressing as everlasting life.”

This sutra from the Vijnanabhairava Tantra contains a sacred secret for Tantrikas.

The Journey

Sex as a spiritual path is a new concept to some people.

Tantric sex is a vehicle that empowers a journey of consciousness expansion. The Tantric sutra cited above reveals how consciousness is enhanced and transformed as it experiences the journey.

Tantric sex is like taking a road trip vs a spin around the block. Embarking on a road trip is about the journey and exploring the discoveries that you make along the way to reach your destination—and being spiritually enriched by it.

Millions of people experience ordinary sex in their everyday lives—where the focus is on personal gratification and chasing after orgasm. This type of sex is like driving a nice car fast around the block—its fun and provides a thrill, but doesn’t take you on a journey to new experiences and sustained expanded states of consciousness like the longer exploration that Tantric sex provides.

For people who seek the transcendent states of being that Tantric sex offers—ordinary sex doesn’t take them where they want to go. It might be fun for a short while, with glimpses of the marvelousness to be had further along the journey, but ultimately lacks the experience transcendental Tantric sex has.

Through Tantric techniques and applying Tantric principles a couple can create an experience that takes them out of ordinary sex and provides a path to numinous experience—a journey that transforms consciousness into extra-ordinary awareness and feeds the soul’s need for spiritual-physical integration.

Enter the Caressing

“Enter the caressing” is a poetic way of reframing awareness from the act of caressing or being caressed—to the sensual sensation, vibration, and energy of the caressing. It takes the mind out of the “doing” of what is happening and opens up perception to the “being” of the experience. Accomplishing this is the first essential step in the journey of Tantra sex.

If you would like guidance in how to do this (individuals or couples) I have several ways to help you:

  • In-person coaching sessions—for individuals or couples.
  • Couple to couple sessions with me and my partner—for couples.
  • Skype coaching sessions worldwide—for individuals or couples.

* There is no sexual activity between me (or me and my partner) and clients.

Sessions can be given with the client(s) fully clothed.


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