Changing with Grace

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change-is-a-constant-featureWe experience “change” (circumstances, thoughts/feelings, ideas, interactions and exchanges) constantly in life. We’re happy when that change feels good and not-so-happy when it feels bad—so we try to influence outcomes.
Change frequently catches us off-guard as the result of a myriad of variables, coming together in a wave of dominoes—each falling and ticking a result to go in a certain way. In other cases, change is sought out, anxiously hurried, or yearned for—and when prematurely enacted with anticipating, predicting, or orchestrating it; the resulting consequences frequently aren’t what was desired.
So, we try to protect ourselves from changes that we don’t want by setting up structures of security (emotionally, physically, spiritually) with marginal results we desire. Sometimes we try to compensate change by manipulating those people and circumstances that we can in a gamble on getting the results we think will be good for us.
Change makes many of us look at the polarities of our choices and fears/desires of outcomes.
Instead of influencing outcomes, it’s a greater benefit to become proficient in handling change well—meaning that you’re able to stay present, grounded, and thinking clearly during the process of change. Getting to and keeping a state of homeostasis (“everything is OK”) allows for inspiration to occur, and its from inspiration that solutions are found.
Change demands of us a participation in a process of altering, reshuffling, or ordering of elements that make up our life circumstances. Having a way to consciously participate (even/especially with undesired changes) makes the process easier and more productive.
The “obvious next step” often miraculously becomes clear when we’re able to relax and clear our mind of its frantic search for a solution.
If you want help with achieving the ability to stay present, grounded, with a clear head, through the changes in your life—especially the big ones I can help. I have developed a never-fail method that will get you there and keep you competently empowered through any of the changes that you’ll go through. And, it provides a conscious way to heal and move forward.
The method is simple and it requires only that you continue until complete (usually within 3 min).
The long term healing and moving forward part includes skills for dealing with past trauma and recurring patterns and triggers. Delivered at your pace, in one or over a series of phone/Skype/chat sessions consisting of step by step guidance and coaching.

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