Ladder of Wellbeing

Many people live with ongoing, pervasive stress due to the symptoms of unresolved emotional trauma. Being a survivor of abuse or assault, or of devastation from natural disasters, and/or the loss of close family members, can add to “normal” stress levels and make symptoms worse.

Survivors can frequently and unexpectedly spiral up and down emotionally, feel persistent anxiety, “can’t think straight,” often have physical symptoms like insomnia and digestion issues, feel low energy, have intrusive thoughts and moods, and can have overblown reactions to things that happen. The process is sometimes referred to as “going down the rabbit hole” (an Alice in Wonderland metaphor) where the survivor feels like their world has “turned upside down.”

This webinar explores the causes for such symptoms and offers information and guidance on how to mitigate triggered-emotion-onset and how to avoid sabotaging good efforts to heal and move forward—and climb the Ladder of Wellbeing to a happier and more fulfilling life. Fill out the form below to be notified when the webinar will be held:

Join me for an informative webinar discussing strategies and methods to live a life that’s not sabotaged by emotional wounds or unhealed trauma. Learn how to be empowered to handle emotional “triggers” keep your emotional/mental equilibrium, and live life more fully—climbing the Ladder of Wellbeing.

I’ll be sharing my #1 technique to mitigate triggers that send you into overwhelm and breakdown. AND, I’ll be sharing important information that many Coaches/Counselors don’t tell their clients that could greatly improve their progress and ability to cope with their condition.


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