Presence: Hallmark of the Sacred Masculine

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As the Divine Feminine is seeking representation and reflection in the world—so is the Sacred Masculine. Whereas the Divine Feminine’s essence is “Beingness” or Feeling, the Sacred Masculine’s essence is “Presence” or Constancy, expressed as “Consciousness.”

Presence is more than simply being attentive, it’s characterized by a pervasive constancy of attention that is both expansive and palpable—presence fills up space with a “witnessing” awareness. While ‘attention’ is mental focus—presence can involve the physical and emotional bodies as well.

Presence is the spiritual application and aspiration of ‘strength’—strength of character, integrity, and higher will. Presence in this context fosters an expansive and transpersonal point of view that considers others and their circumstances as being as true and important as your own self-focused thoughts, needs and desires—and that your inner-strength can keep such an inclusive perspective for as long as is necessary.

This type of presence doesn’t mean abdicating your ability to contribute to the unfolding of the moment—it just means your contribution is harmoniously balanced with what is already present and you don’t need to “make something happen” in order to make it look a certain way to feel good.

Presence is also “Wise”—in that it doesn’t react, try to control or fix someone or the circumstances at hand to fit its idea of what “should be,” but allows the “what’s-so” of the moment to unfold by remaining open to its organic flow and readily supporting the higher possibility to emerge as it does so organically.

The Sacred Masculine’s Expression through People

When the sacred masculine is expressed it does so with constancy of presence. When a man or woman exhibits this in their personality he/she is perceived by those present to be reliably, or trustfully him/herself. That person feels “safe,” they feel more genuine and “real”—which is endearing and comforting.

Presence is about “showing up” and being transparent with who you are and not deceptively portraying oneself to be someone you are not.

yin-yangWhen interacting with women, a man who exhibits the Sacred Masculine attribute of Presence, activates and synergistically participates with the Divine Feminine’s core quality of “Being.” It then becomes easy for women to relate to a man whose presence facilitates their innate ability  to feel the flow of life and a woman’s organic sensual being.

By showing up with the sacred masculine quality of presence, a man creates a container where women feel free and empowered to express their Eros, creativity, and sexuality. He becomes the “safe space” within which a woman can dance, flow, and explore her relationship to her inner masculine, as well as the externalized masculine represented by the man before her.

 “Growing” Your Sacred Masculine

In each man and woman is the capacity and ability to reflect the sacred masculine and its hallmark of presence. Discovering and exhibiting the sacred masculine is a process of knowing yourself at a deeper level. When you see your limiting beliefs and patterns and understand your deep psyche, or shadow, it clears the way for an expanded sense of self that can reflect sacred masculine attributes, like presence.

Sometimes, help from an outside source is necessary to reveal places where you are stuck, or blind about, and to assist in releasing and integrating these gems of self-knowing.

Coaching sessions with me are helpful to achieve the clarity and transparency that you need in order to reflect the Sacred Masculine’s attributes of: Strength (of character, integrity, humility) God and Warrior archetypes, Constancy (never giving up and leaving) Warrior archetype, Consciousness (expanded, transcendent) Priest archetype, Power (right-use of) King and Sage archetypes, and Love (transpersonal) Lover and Priest archetypes.

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