Tantric Sex Sādhanā for Lovers


3 Tantric sex rituals for lovers to experience enhanced, spiritual sex. Whether new to Tantra or adding to an existing Tantric practice, this program and these rituals will help you create new Tantric sex experiences and go deeper into your lovemaking together.

A Tantric Sex Practice for Lovers

For couples who are experienced with, or who are new to Tantra.

3 Tantric sex rituals for lovers taught in three Skype coaching sessions (1 each session).

This is a private, home virtual workshop that brings together spirituality and sex and is also an enhancement to anyone’s existing Tantric practice. * Skype sessions do not require nudity or sexual intercourse.

Lovers will learn three Tantric sex rituals that include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Tantric Breathing, mudras, body positions and movement for enhanced, spiritual sex
  • Each ritual has an invocation and mantra
  • A pdf guide describing each ritual is included
  • unlimited email support

3 Tantric Sex Rituals to take you deeper into your Tantric practice and enhance your spiritual-sexual connection.