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As an ordained minister (ULC) and spiritual healer I am focused on helping men and women to heal and move forward from the wounds of emotional or sexual trauma and achieve wholeness and healthy mind-body, emotion, and sexual integration. For many of my clients, spiritual healing helps them release limiting patterns and beliefs, achieve their next level of spiritual growth, live more satisfying and fulfilling lives and have the relationship they’ve yearned for.

This can be deep work. It requires a high level of motivation to heal, change, move forward and grow and transform into an empowered leader of your life—not a victim of it.

Within you is everything you need but it may be hard to see it. If you are an abuse survivor you likely have a “filter” that colors your life experience and prevents you from seeing clearly how to grow and transcend your wounds and heal. And if you haven’t been abused, you could still be blind to the things that are keeping you from a life fully lived—and need help to be able to see what’s blocking you.

Having your “eyes opened” will profoundly change your life and transform your perception—facilitating healing and growth.

What I Offer

As a counselor I will help you see things that you may be blind to and are blocking your ability to heal and have the life you desire. I will help you understand your patterns of belief and the judgments you hold that may be preventing you from seeing your circumstances clearly. I will also point you in the direction of solutions you may not have thought about which can greatly ease your progress.

I will be a mirror to you and your process and feedback what I see to help you reach your goals. I can help you “connect the dots” with things you already know, but might not realize you know, and new perspectives and alternative views which can help you understand your circumstances better and make better decisions to achieve your purpose. I will give you systems of activities, practices, or exercises that will strengthen you and help you reach your goal of empowerment and emotional-mental wellbeing.

As a coach I will recommend a routine and schedule that will help you keep on track and accomplish your purpose of healing and enrichment. I will give you guidance and encouragement with implementing the systems and activities I’ve recommended you do. We will evaluate your progress together and I will come up with alternatives that are tailored to your unique journey of healing.

As a guide I will demonstrate exercises and practices to make sure you understand and can do them on your own by yourself in your practice at home. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions that you can follow easily so you can continue your transformation outside of our sessions.

As a spiritual healer I provide a unique insight and ability to discern what’s going on “behind the scenes” on a spiritual and energetic level that many people are not aware of. Spiritual healing is not for everyone—for some, it is just too “woo-woo.”

However, if you are open to it I am a gifted energy worker who has Reiki shinpiden (master level) attunement, as well as training and certification as a Tantric Healer—and attunement for the energy healing modality of Quantum Light healing. This training, attunement, and certification enables me to understand and work with the subtle energy field of the body and affect additional healing results.

Whole Systems Approach

“Working with you has been like progress at light-speed.” —Dana

The reason that working with me is so effective is that I use an integrative method of coaching and energy healing that I call Pranasomatic™ (Prana: spirit, breath, life-force energy; Somatic: body, and emotion).

This method is based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Alexander Lowen, and Jack Lee Rosenberg, Ph.D. by adding expanded awareness of the nexus point where emotional energy meets and embeds in the physical body with psychoid, (physical + energetic) knots or triggers that suppress feeling and life force energy.

Pranasomatic™ counseling/coaching and energy healing is a whole systems approach to health and wellbeing that includes working with sensual energy, developing emotional competency and fluency, and a deepening in awareness of what is happening in the moment with your body, mind, and emotions—for greater self-understanding and awareness of what is challenging you, and with maintaining a healthy body-mind-heart integration.

The Pranasomatic™ system includes 6 methods to address the issues and challenges that you face. Clients find relief for both acute (in the moment) and chronic (long term) challenges, with step by step guidance that will keeps them present, grounded, clear headed and emotionally balanced and capable while competently addressing whatever you are dealing with.

A Healing Alliance

I don’t heal you—you heal yourself. I can help you do that by offering the service I describe above. We are a team—I’ve got your back. I can help you figure things out and understand yourself and your circumstances better so you can heal and experience life more fully.

What I ask from you is:

  • Your determination and readiness to heal, grow, learn and transform.
  • Your commitment and desire to show up and give your best effort.
  • Your open and consistent participation.

I work with people who are driven to change, heal, transform, evolve, and grow—releasing the emotional bondage that holds them back from their fullest expression as a vibrant and alive human being. It’s not an easy process or you would have already accomplished it. I’m here to help you do that—help you to heal and return to feeling empowered and whole again.

If this sounds like you then let’s start with a free 15 min. consultation or if you know you’re ready—a single coaching session.

Visit my contact page and fill out the contact form to request an appointment.

Contact Sunyata

15-minute free phone consultation available.

Next, go to the Services page and select the Single Counseling Session or a program of sessions of your choice.

Special Programs

Skype Counseling Programs
Sunyata Skype

  • Sexual Healing Counseling
  • Personal & Relationship Coaching
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Transcendental Tantra

In 3 phone or Skype sessions every month of one hour in length we’ll work with:

  • Understanding and beginning to unwind the knots of emotional and sexual abuse.
  • Your biggest challenges to having the intimacy and sex in your relationship that you long for.
  • The emotional and energetic blocks that may have you resisting your full potential.
  • How to enhance your experience of numinous spiritual-sexuality and romantic love.
  • Restore your connection to your beloved and find purpose together.
  • How to “Be Met” —attract your soul mate or uplevel your relationship.

Click Here to Go to my Services page

Sexual Energy & Ejaculation Mastery

Have the right tools to gain the mastery you need.

Wand of Light

Gain mastery of the physical and energetic aspects of sex, ejaculation and orgasm.

Confidently experience sex for as long as you want to and learn Tantric sex abilities that will blow both your minds.

Essential information for men who want to go further than ordinary sex and create numinous, spiritual-sex with their lover.

  • Ejaculation mastery exercises
  • “Wand of Light” meditation
  • Tantric perception & engagement
    (the How and When)
  • Diagrams and illustrations
  • PDF step-by-step outline
  • unlimited email support

Click Here to read more info. and to purchase

6 wk Tantric Sādhanā for Lovers

3 Tantric Sex Rituals

A six week program for couples that teaches 3 tantric sex rituals. These tantric rituals show couples how to go beyond the basics of sex and into advanced spiritual-sexual experience together.

Each ritual teaches a different aspect of what is essential to achieving transcendental bliss together.

Three Skype sessions include:

  • Meditations
  • Mantras
  • Diagrams and illustrations
  • PDF step-by-step instructions
  • email support

Your comfort and modesty is respected, no nudity or sexual intercourse is required during sessions.
* This program can also be given as a virtual workshop for sexual healers to use with their clients.

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Internal Pelvic Release

internal pelvic release
Internal Pelvic Release

A virtual workshop for couples or trained sexual healers that teaches the Internal Pelvic Release procedure.

Due to many requests I am now offering training and coaching in the Internal Pelvic Release procedure to couples or small groups via private Skype session. This virtual workshop is one session of 2+ hours in length.

Women: your comfort and modesty is respected, however intimate touch of your yoni by your partner is required during the sessions. Read more about the IPR procedure >>

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Sunyata Satchitananda

Counselor, Coach, Certified Sexual Healer at Sunyata Satchitananda
Sunyata is a Spiritual Counselor, Certified Tantric Healer and Author of "Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients." Ordained Minister (1980), Certified Tantric Healer (2007), Reiki Master (2009). Sunyata specializes in helping men and women achieve deep transformation, spiritual growth, sacred sexuality, heal from sexual abuse and emotional trauma, and develop a greater, deeper intimacy and connection with their partner.

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